Bushies May Scuttle Dulles Rail Extension

I hope it's just stress, because usually Mary doesn't look this bad and she's a nice lady so I'm concerned.Hah hah, you pinkie Commie Metro-riding scum! Thought you'd sneak something past the Bush Administration, did you? Well, they're smarter than that! Just because the Metro extension to Dulles airport has been in the works for a couple of decades and everyone thinks it's a good idea and the state of Virginia actually managed to pony up the dough doesn't mean that this Administration in its waning days won't find a bunch of reasons to stop it!

Why, in fact, lookie here: one of the contractors worked on Boston's Big Dig and that was a clusterfuck! It might get more expensive the longer we wait! Also, the Administration has suddenly rediscovered that Republicans are supposed to be against massive government spending projects after 7 years in office and they have to flex their muscles somehow! All their years of massive investments in Iraqi infrastructure (mostly destroying it) have made their "no more government spending" rhetoric muscles soooo weak. Plus, really, everyone knows that only dirty hippies would ride the subway to the airport when there's a beautiful sprawling asphalt ribbon upon which you can drive your H2!

Federal Qualms Leave Dulles Rail at Risk [Washington Post]


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