Bush's Bitchin' Birthday Bash: The Pointless Profile

BushBDaythumb.jpgSheryl Gay Stolberg's Bush Birthday story is, well, kind of a disappointment. It's fluff, but not Bumiller fluff. There's not even a pointlessly anonymous admin official.

Obvious attempt to avoid insult through euphemism of the day:

His daughters, Jenna and Barbara, prepared a "very cute and light-hearted" video, a guest said, complete with old photos, including some of Mr. Bush's failed 1978 bid for Congress, and their typical wry commentary.

"Typical wry commentary" = "typically baked string of nonsense," right?

Rest of the piece is notable only for its valiant attempt to rewrite Monday's identical AP story without using the same quotes.

A Touchy Topic: Boomer in Chief Hits the Big 6-0.


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