Bush's Choice: Murtha Or Mullahs

Buck up, dude. You'll be safe at home soon enough. - WonketteWhen Bush-Family Fixer James Baker III was thawed out and put to work on an Iraq exit strategy, we figured Bush 41 had effectively won the battle with Bush 43's unpleasant gang.

But we had no idea just how shameful it's going to be for the White House. See the evidence, after the jump.

The New York Sun confirms today that Poppy is taking Junior to the woodshed:

One plan would have America begin its exit from Iraq through a phased withdrawal similar to that proposed this spring by Rep. John Murtha, a Democrat of Pennsylvania and former Marine. Another would have America make a last push to internationalize the military occupation of Iraq and open a high-level dialogue with Syria and Iran to persuade them to end their state-sanctioned policy of aiding terrorists who are sabotaging the elected government in Baghdad.
Jesus, Poppy must be furious.

Can you even imagine the embarrassment when Dubya has to go on the teevee and explain the Murtha Withdrawal Plan or America's new Coalition of the Evildoers? That's going to hurt more than the savage beatings he grew up getting from Babs.

Panel Leans Toward Phased Iraq Withdrawal or International Talks [New York Sun]

The Baker/Hamilton Commission [Washington Monthly]

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