But Al- Zawahiri, He Really Likes Those French Air Kisses

Via BBC News, which lately seems to be specializing in news of the weird, we learn this:

Australia's "Jihad Jack", convicted of receiving funds from al-Qaeda, says Osama Bin Laden does not like being kissed but is happy to be hugged. Joseph "Jack" Thomas, who met Bin Laden three times in Afghanistan, discussed the al-Qaeda leader's preferences in an interview broadcast after his trial.

usama bin laden.jpgThat's just as well; we wouldn't want to kiss Osama either. That beard has got to be scratchy!

Thomas also explained why he did not succumb to al-Qaeda's recruitment efforts: "I never really thought I'd be a Muslim. I'd say, 'Oh look, you know, I really love your religion but I really love my beer'."

If only all would-be terrorists could be bought off with a case of Foster's...

Bin Laden Likes Hugs, Not Kisses [BBC]


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