But, But, How Should Republicans Resign As New York Governor?

Brriiinngg yip yip yipEliot Spitzer pissed off pretty much everyone in the world. This was Good For Society when he was going after evil rich people on Wall Street, but it wasn't so noble when he was using the cops to harass his political opponents or infuriating his fellow Democratic legislators in Albany. This is why nobody ran to his defense as Spitzer huddled in his sinister, cavernous Manhattan lair waiting for somebody to tell him it's okay to keep being governor. But there is one segment of society that is boldly standing up for Spitzer's right to get caught in a federal money-laundering sting because he had to spend so much on prostitutes even though he "made his reputation" by busting prostitution businesses in New York.

That segment is known as "The Libtards." They're out there, right now, typing on blogs or possibly calling Air America (is that still on the radio?) and leaving comments on Democratic Underground or Daily Kos about how Spitzer was set up by ... oh who knows, Karl Rove, probably. And Spitzer was like this close to somehow impeaching Bush & Cheney and that's why they set him up, 10 years ago, by sending Mind Rays into his brain so he would want to spend $80,000 screwing girls who were literally young enough to be his daughters.

Let's visit them and learn about the Vast Right Wing conspiracy, and especially why the Right Wing Main Stream Media isn't equally focused on Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter's phone number showing up on the DC Madam's phone list two years ago! Where's the accountability?

  • Just like Bill Clinton was set up? Where's Lucianne??

  • It looks like the Bush Justice Department just bagged themselves another Democratic Governor.

  • Spitzer was a big fish - this is a MESSAGE to the entire dem party. Spitzer has done some AMAZING work against corruption, THAT is why he is the target. He was being ENORMOUSLY stupid, he is smart enough to realize the feds would be using their dragnet PRECISELY to catch this type of behavior (or ANY behavior that would bring him down). This is a MESSAGE to every dem politician in the nation. And, it should send chills down the spine of every American.

  • There is something very strange about the Justice Department's takedown of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer over prostitution and money "structuring" charges. Don't get me wrong. I'm not apologizing for Spitzer, excusing his behavior or suggesting he is innocent. He was an arrogant idiot and hypocrite for hiring prostitutes while positioning himself as a super clean, law and order attorney general and governor. But all this Bush administration evidence-gathering over a rich, powerful man hiring exclusive hookers?

  • the bank tale is a slim cover story to hide how they really found out via wholesale wiretapping of him and other democrats.

  • I don't like fanning any flame that burns Spitzer while letting Vitter's house stand as is. On the other hand it isn't the best possible development for his integrity-in-government profile.

  • If Vitter can get away with having a call girl put diapers on him and still be a Senator, why shouldn't Spitzer be able to get away with it?

  • Obviously you regard prostitution as worse crime than the underlying blackmail by the ring Who tipped off Wall Street enemies to wayward politicians. Fortunately, ethical prosecutiors don't share your sense of priorities.
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