But Remember, No Coffee!

If you were unlucky enough to be at BWI this morning, you know the Southwest terminals were evacuated and hundreds of people missed their flights and it was the usual terror insanity. Here's what (allegedly) happened: A passenger had a loaded handgun in his carryon, which he wisely put through the TSA X-ray machine.

Miraculously, the retard screeners actually detected the handgun -- they usually miss things like guns and knives and bombs. The passenger must've noticed the commotion, with 15 supervisors all waddling over to the X-ray screen so they could mumble for a while about the object, so he just kept walking. Maybe to the terminal, maybe outside. Who knows?

They let him go. They couldn't even come up with a description of the dude. He's still out there.

Two terminals evacuated at BWI [Baltimore Sun]

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