But There's No Danger, It's a Professional Career


  • Barack Obama is finally going to announce his sexy war decision everybody knows about: He will send 35,000 vampires and werewolves to Afghanistan, because there are no actual human U.S. troops to send anywhere. [BBC]
  • Democrat presidents have been trying to pass national health care since FDR's time, and now it is very close, and everybody's insurance costs will either stay the same, get a little bit cheaper, or get a whole lot cheaper, depending. And millions of people without health care coverage will have insurance. What's not to hate? [Bloomberg]
  • The insane folly of Dubai, in pictures! [NYT]
  • Those White House party crashers will be on the Today show this morning, but they didn't get any money. Lamers. [New York Times]
  • That alleged cop killer Mike Huckabee turned loose? Still at large, somewhere. UPDATE: And now he's dead? [CNN/Seattle Times]
  • Pig AIDS has maybe peaked for the Fall. But it's still killing a lot of people, including little kids, and sending a lot of people to the hospital. [LA Times]

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