But Was Tim Russert In The Tank For 'Noobama'?

But Was Tim Russert In The Tank For 'Noobama'?

If you check out theNew York Times' comments section on its Tim Russert "death" article, you will notice most of the commenters telling a certain "Lesley" to shut her fat face for being Insensitive. But there is no longer any comment by this pagan Lesley, because the New York Times censors free speech and has deleted the comment! We have secretly obtained Lesley's manifesto, and she has some pointed criticisms of "Lil' Russ." We'll give you a hint: she says "Noobama."

Politically and media speaking...I feel for Noobama...he has lost one of his strongest media supporters. Wonder what the media thinks about this one - and whether Noobama can make it without Russert, the media ringleader of the Noobama booster club. Maybe the media will feel freed from Russert's stranglehold.

Life certainly is strange this particular year.

And to think that Russert died on Friday, the 13th!

Maybe some of the media nastiness of this election season will now stop.

Though I watched Meet the Press going back to the '50s, I have not watched it in months b/c of Russert's unabashedly biased behavior.

He is a loss as a human being, but certainly not as a TV host.


NBC’s Tim Russert Dies [New York Times]


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