But What Does This Even *Mean*?

But What Does This Even *Mean*?

The very best kind of reader mail comes from people who find some thing you wrote months ago and assume you will know exactly what has offended them so much when they write to complain. "How dare you say that thing about Hillary Clinton," or "Here's a tip -- stick your head up a dead man's arse." Not helpful, people! We needcontext. So, two questions for the reader of the following email: was there a particular story that inflamed you so much? And was there anybody in particular you wanted to direct this complaint to?

Also, we have it on good authority that Wonkette's tits are pretty goddamned fluffy these days.

Subject: protip!

From: Lonely Stoner to tips

you're all a bunch of weak individuals that rely on the government for safety.

for evolution's sake i hope the whole lot of liberals are sucked away in a vortex.

stop hanging on wonkette's floppy tits and be a fucking man.

Maybe this was about all those Trig photos? Oh hell, who knows.


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