Oh so isthis what that woman was talking about at Obama's Knife 'n' Gun Show yesterday? This one questioner, called upon specifically because she had "concerns," made the excellent point that if you insure 46 million people who currently have no health coverage, then they might actually go to the doctor once in a while! This may create a "doctor shortage" of some sort that would be terribly inconvenient for those of us who currently enjoy immediate access to doctors of all sorts, due to the fact that we do not have to share them with a large percentage of our countrymen.

Couple points:

1) Just because people are uninsured doesn't mean they don't go to the doctor already. Check out your local emergency room, which is jam-packed with uninsured Swine Flu Babies and untreated hypertensives who might never have had to take a $10,000 ambulance ride to the hospital if they'd been able to get a checkup, ever. All those people are now being treated, by ER doctors! So the whole supply-demand question is a tricky one, as it's difficult to determine how many people are uninsured AND never see doctors ever AND actually would see doctors if they could.

OK actually that is the only point. Except:

2) Hey Newsmax writer, do not draft your posts in Word unless you want those retarded "�" symbols to keep showing up instead of quotation marks.

3) It is true that we need more nurses and primary care physicians. Oh well! We are SCREWED.

Doctor Shortage Looms Amid Healthcare Reform [Newsmax]


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