Buy A Ron Paul Liberty Edition!

Would you like to buy some "signed and numbered, limited edition archival prints and canvases" commemorating Ron Paul's liberty? In the rare case you turn that pitch down, what if we told you they feature the work of "renowned artist Randy Lee Blain"? Check some of these prints after the jump, but be warned: they may be hilarious, and hobbit-like.

This is the French Fry Liberty Man-Queen bequeathing the Elfin "Gold Standard" of Swords to Ron Paul, a monster:

The blind sprite Justice, when not weighing Fairness, comes up with banal slogans for Ron Paul's presidential campaign! Patrick Henry approves, and then shouts at his colleague Billy Madison:

Doctor Paul Liberty-kills Satan (Ben Bernanke, a Jew) while Benjamin Franklin idly invents electricity in the background:

The French Fry Man-Queen and her viceroy, Footless "Billy" Goat, guard the entrance to Libertyland. Several Mexicans are shot trying to swim their way in.

[Liberty Editions]


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