Buy One Of FEMA's Toxic Slimy Death Cubes For Super Cheap! BUY TWO!

Does she come with?Residential real estate is back! "In a giant auction, the federal government has agreed to sell for pennies on the dollar most of the 120,000 formaldehyde-tainted trailers it bought nearly five years ago for Hurricane Katrina victims... Besides formaldehyde, units may be plagued by mold, mildew and propane gas leaks, FEMA acknowledged." Well, our dizzying, oddly-vented shower unit that says "Auschwitz" on the side keeps erupting into spontaneous blue fires, only a few years after buying it at that underground German government auction. So maybe this FEMA thing is a good opportunity for your Wonkette to buy some new office space, no? [Washington Post]

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