Byron York Hits the Quack Pipe

yorkduck.jpgWith the help of Bill Frist, Byron York has cracked a political code that has bamboozled other pundits for years: If lots of politicians say "This is not about X," it really is about X! This is complicated, but watch as York explains how it works:

Last week, as Democrats again denied that their filibuster was a filibuster, Majority Leader Bill Frist...found himself relying on folk wisdom...."It certainly sounds like a filibuster ... it quacks like a filibuster ... and it looks like we have, once again, another filibuster." Yes, that seems to be the case. Just remember: When they say it's not about a filibuster, it's about a filibuster."

NOTE: As improbable as it might seem, only Democrats dissemble like this. (The Media Research Center has verified this.) When lots of Republicans say "The war in Iraq is not about oil," or "Social Security reform is not about cutting benefits for seniors," what they really mean is "Byron York is my web-footed tool."

If it Quacks Like a Filibuster, Chances Are It is One [The Hill]


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