C-SPAN Hero Brian Lamb Grills Ross Douthat About His Scorn For Women On The Pill


It is nerd Christmas here at Wonkette, because the incomparable Brian Lamb has read a particularly tawdry headline from our humble site to the subject of that tawdry headline on his book show, "Q&A." We refer, of course, to "Misogynist Neck-Beard Ross Douthat Shares His Sexy Stories."

Douthat is basically given a chance to explain why, in his book about Harvard douchebags, he wrote about being so repelled when he was pawed by a girl on birth control. His answer: well, it fits into the larger context of the "Harvard hook-up culture," in which women try not to get impregnated by drunken prematurely balding homunculi, which is very elitist compared to working-class Americans who will just fuck bareback all the time because who cares if they have kids, being so futureless and all.

Thank you to "clovernode" for bringing this important recording of Brian Lamb saying "misogynist neck-beard" to our attention.

Q&A with Ross Douthat [C-SPAN Video Library]


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