As a famous statistician once said, "Three data points make a trend," and that is why we can now confidently announce that the Bible study-group-slash-frat house known as the C Street Group stands at the cutting edge of the marital infidelity movement.

Following the sordid revelation of horndog endeavors by Senator John "I shall never ride alone in a car with a woman" Ensign and former C-Streeter Governor Mark Sanford, we were just waiting for another shoe to drop... So thanks, Josh Marshall, for pointing out that former Representative Chip Pickering, another C Street guy, was allegedly stolen away from his wife by a temptress named Elizabeth Creekmore-Byrd who may have done some dirty things at the actual Capitol Hill dwelling where Pickering lived with all these other SINNERS.

You know how the investigative newsmagazine shows love to do exposes of seedy motels where they take a black light to the rooms and show, definitively, that every single surface has been relentlessly spattered with human sperm for decades? Take away the free Continental breakfast buffet and you have the C Street house.

C Street on the Skidz [TPM]


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