* Petraeus reported to the president that Democracy has really caught on in Iraq, it's safe as can be and troops can start coming home immediately. Ha ha ha psych! [NYT, WP]

* If you're into the war, you must be having a blast! [Politico]

* With 10,000 more debates before the primaries, we're starting to get concerned they're going to run out of gimmicks. [WP, The Hill]

* Democrats think Bush shouldn't get a new attorney general until he starts talking about all the crazy shit the last one did. [Roll Call]

* Campaigning in New Hampshire is for the kind of suckers not featured on a syndicated television program. [WP]

* The Republicans look for some good, old fashioned probing. [The Hill]

* A new poll shows that voters are slow to back Mormon candidates for fear these candidates are totally fucking crazy. [BG]


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