Cabs Cost Less Now, So Go Ride In One

* "Mayor Adrian Fenty held a news conference this morning announcing lower fares for the new time and distance taxi meters he has mandated to be operational in all D.C. taxicabs by April 6. The flag drop will be $3 instead of $4. There will also be no more rush hour surcharge, and no more additional passenger fee." [DCist]

* Vote (Republican) or die. [WP]

* "So Mayor Fenty wants the City Council to spend another $200,000,000.00 of city money to help pay for a billion dollar project to revitalize the Southwest Waterfront. I've never been to Southwest. I hear it's where concrete goes to die. Whatever. I doubt SW needs the money anymore than anything across the Anacostia, but, hey, if it ends up being a profitable venture for the city, so be it. But it won't be." [why.i.hate.dc]

* "It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to display, exhibit, handle, or use any poisonous or dangerous reptile in such a manner as to endanger the life or health of any person. My question: Why keep them at all if not to endanger someone's life or health?" [Metroblogging DC]


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