California OKs Feb. 5 Primary; New Hampshire Primary Tomorrow

Our greatest president - WonketteArnold Schwarzenegger made it official today: California will have its prez primary on February 5, joining Arizona, Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, West Virginia and probably Michigan, Texas, maybe New York, Wisconsin, New Jersey, hopefully Guam ... basically, it will all be over in 10 months. Hooray!

Obviously, the nine people who live in New Hampshire are very upset about this terrorist attack on our precious freedoms, so they're going to have a primary right away, probably tomorrow.

And Iowa is threatening to hold its caucus on New Year's Eve. Think of the hilarity as incredibly drunk people all vote for Duncan Hunter as the Democratic nominee and a potted cactus for the Republicans!

Governor To Sign Bill Creating Early Primary [KCRA]

Careening toward national primary [Pocono Record]


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