California Supreme Court Wants Us All To Know Stephen Glass Is Totally Racist


Did you want to read the California Supreme Court's opinion that lawsplains at you forever why Stephen Glass, who showed us all how to spin a bright shining lie into a New Republic career, cannot be a lawyer there? No you do not, but you totally want to read our summary of it, because we went to all the trouble of reading the thing. Besides, when is the last time you let yourself remember Glass's greatest hits of journalistic malpractice, which were legion and, to be honest, really impressive in their scope and breadth? If Glass had worked half as hard on writing as he did on faking, he would probably be running Wonkette right now. OK, that's a lie because Stephen Glass probably does not know how to make a good dick joke or a ridiculous neologism, but you know what we mean.

Some lucky clerks at the California Supremes got to write a rundown of all Glass's malfeasance, which is why the opinion is so very long. Did you remember that besides just stone cold making shit up, Glass also made sure to be a tawdry little racist about it? You probably forgot, so let the California Supremes take you on a trip down memory lane.



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