Calling Bush a Murderer is Good Clean Fun

Yes, the First Lady's stand-up act has been horse-milked raw by now, but even so we're gonna give it one last tug. "Laura's Saturday surprise was appalling," writes American Spectator editorial director Wlady Pleszczynski. "She depicted Mrs. Cheney as a male strip club tipper. She described the three architects of the Iraq war as butchers and brutes. This is what passes for humor while we still have soldiers dying in Iraq?" True, Lynne Cheney never tips at male strip clubs, and with good reason. Her husband's hung like a fire hydrant, so frankly, she's just not that impressed. Meanwhile, what does pass for humor while we still have soldiers dying in Iraq? Pleszczynski answered the question himself, with a joke about the "president's people" poisoning LA Times reporter Ed Chen's food for the crime of asking Bush a mean question. See, it is possible to be funny without working blue or undermining the authority of the Commander-in-Chief.

Milking the Horse [American Spectator]


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