Can a Naughty Boy Bring Down a Wannabe President?

Can a Naughty Boy Bring Down a Wannabe President?

It turns out that all those rumors about David Huckabee hanging a dog at Boy Scout camp in 1998 are, like, true. And, if a fired former employee of Huckabee Sr. is to be believed (because, really, who would ever talk smack about their former employers?), the Huck tried to make it all go away.

Word is that David and his best buddy hanged a stray dog while they were counselors at a Boy Scout camp, but no charges were ever filed and David eventually became an Eagle Scout despite being fired from his "job" as a Boy Scout camp counselor for torturing a fucking stray dog. While neither confirming nor denying the incident, Huck tolld Newsweek "There was a dog that apparently had mange and was absolutely, I guess, emaciated."

Well, Mikey and Davey, let me just say something here. I am personally addicted to Animal Cops (and Animal Precinct) on Animal Planet and thus I know two things about emaciated dogs with mange. First off, emaciated dogs are not "dead" and nor are they always beyond salvation, if only because my cold, black heart stirs every single time some sad, emaciated doggie is nursed back to health and adopted by a nice family. Also, there are two common types of mange and both are reasonably treatable (but only a vet with a microscope can make that determination). So, assholes, neither was a fatal condition that should've enabled an 18 year-old to determine whether the dog needed to be put out of its misery (unless, say, said sociopathic 18 year-old was more concerned with "the putting" than "the misery") and hanging isn't exactly a humane way to go about doing it, either.

But, whatever, Mikey was governor and his sociopathic son tortured and murdered a helpless stray dog at Boy Scout camp and then Mikey may-or-may-not have tried to sweep it all under the rug. I mean, it is more of a reflection on Mikey and his fitness to lead this country that his son is a dog-killing (and gun-toting-in-his-carry-on-luggage) sociopath, or that he tried to protect his son from the consequences of his dog-killing sociopathic ways? God, it's like trying to play Solomon or something...

A Son's Past Deeds Come Back To Bite Huckabee [Newsweek]

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