Can You Identify the Candidate Goblins In Our GOP Debate Blingee?


We cannot read throughall 1,004 comments from last night's debate liveblogging -- this is why comments are robotically moderated, and why we depend upon you to alert us to spammers 'n lamers who must be banned -- but a cursory glance last night revealed that nobody matched the goblins in our Republican Debate Blingee with their corresponding "real life" candidates. So we are going to deal with this issue using the time-tested methods of American-Corporate Democracy: You all spend a lot of time and energy voting, and then we'll announce the predetermined results!

Here is your Number Key/Bible Code:

The unnumbered characters in the top row are, left to right: The American Flag, the Devil and Jesus arm rasslin', a burning Pentagram, and Saint Ronald Reagan the Demented. (That's Lucifer the Lightbringer, from teevee's Twilight, in the bottom-left corner.) And now it's up to you to match the numbered goblins to their familiars. Winner gets praised in a Wonkette post, which is better than a kick in the nuts!


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