Cancel Your Weekend 'Leaving The House' Plans!

Cancel Your Weekend 'Leaving The House' Plans!

Justfilled with buckets and buckets of satire! "2011 Obama's Coup Fails is an action packed, satire-filled war game that takes place in the not-so-distant future. Right after the November 2010 election, to be precise. It has been said that America would never be destroyed by a foreign power. It does seem our biggest enemies are not from outside our borders. Could the scenario described above ever really happen? If current events keep transpiring as they are, then 2011 Obama's Coup may in fact become a dark chapter in American History."

Hmm, it must be "wingnut satire," meaning, "this is the exact thing that we believe to be true" -- what the liberal MSM and O-bots call "earnestness."

Best prepare with this simulation now! We were waiting to play this satire-filled war game for a few minutes before posting, but the Internet keeps crowding us out: "SERVERS OVERLOADED We are adding servers right now. Site is going viral. Strength and Freedom!"


[United States of Earth]


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