Candace Owens Knows What's 'Satanic,' And It Is ... Not Letting People Die From Coronavirus? OK.

Candace Owens Knows What's 'Satanic,' And It Is ... Not Letting People Die From Coronavirus? OK.

With coronavirus in full swing, wingnuts are going one of two ways off the deep end. Either they're in straight-up panic mode and drinking bleach and magic colloidal silver drinks that will turn their skin blue, or they're insisting that actually, everything is fine and everyone should just go out and do whatever without changing anything, because this is all just a plot to do socialism to America and take everyone's freedom away.

Candace Owens is entirely in the latter camp, and has spent the last week or so ranting on Twitter about how the coronavirus isn't even as bad as the flu, everyone is making a big deal over nothing, and Republicans in government who are telling people to stay home or supporting initiatives like "giving people money so they can get through this time if they can't work" are turncoats who hate freedom. Because if they really loved freedom, they would let people be free to get and spread coronavirus and starve to death!

In a Periscope video on Monday, Owens went on an 18-minute rant about how it was wrong, elitist and, indeed, "atheist" and "satanic" for the government to be doing anything to keep people from dying from the coronavirus. Why? Because people die all of the time, from other things, and it's her right to put herself at risk to get the coronavirus if she wants to. Why? Because FREEDOM.

Owens begins by pointing out that this coronavirus stuff is "turning liberals into conservatives" because liberals are saying to "secure the border" — and completely missing the point of why that is. It is, of course, not because anyone is suddenly becoming a weird xenophobe, but rather because pretty much no one is doing the international travel thing right now, for safety reasons. There's a whole world of difference between a temporary halt to international travel and wanting to deport people who are already here and spending a weird amount of money on a wall we all know won't work.

Then she moves on to the conservatives whom, she claims, are practically becoming Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez socialists:

On the flip side of that we are having conservatives who have been screaming about the necessity for individual freedom, for free market and capitalism, almost transform into socialists overnight in terms of what they want for the government to do to solve this issue. They are now, every person I follow and respect deeply, is suddenly making arguments, emotional arguments that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes about why we need to give up our rights and our freedoms.[...]

It will be very difficult for them to backtrack and attack her for saying we need to do things that are morally right.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not, of course, go around arguing that we need to give up our rights and our freedoms. If anything, she's pretty strong on wanting people to have more rights and freedoms. She just has a different idea from Candace Owens about what rights and freedoms are. Ocasio-Cortez's idea of freedom is a country where people don't have to be worried about how they are going to get healthcare or afford to live, and Owens's idea of freedom, as she makes very clear in this video, is a country where people are free to die of communicable diseases.

For the rest of the video, Owens mostly goes on and on about how she, as well as older people who are most at risk, should be able to risk getting coronavirus if they think it's more important to them to just "live their life"; how people who watch the news are all elitists (while noting "I watch the news because I'm on the news a lot."); how people die of things all of the time and no one is self-quarantining over that; how it's rude to only care if old people die of coronavirus and not of other things; and, perhaps best of all, as we mentioned, how not wanting people to die is "atheist and satanic." Because if you are religious, you are super chill about people dying on account of how you will see them up in heaven when you die. Clearly, Candace Owens has not been to a whole lot of Roman Catholic wakes.

Of course, it would be one thing if Owens and all her buddies were living on Ayn Rand Island, putting only each other at risk, but a problem arises when other people also exist and would like to not die. And I would love for them to be on that island. No one is sadder than I am that the Galt's Gulch experiment failed. But alas, they have to live among the rest of us. Neither of us is happy about it, but if they could stand to not Typhoid Mary us for at least a month, that would be nice.

[Candice Owens Twitter via Right Wing Watch]

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