Candace Owens Says Bernie Sanders Is As Racist As The Guy Who Passed The Civil Rights Act

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Candace Owens Says Bernie Sanders Is As Racist As The Guy Who Passed The Civil Rights Act

Candace Owens doesn't believe in racism. She has testified as much before an astounded Congress that just wanted her to hurry up and deliver them the pizza they ordered. She does however believe in the imaginary form of racism practiced by liberals who try to pass anti-discrimination laws.

During an appearance Monday on Laura Ingraham's white power hour, Owens defended Mike Bloomberg from accusations of racism. You'd think Bloomberg has enough money to prevent Owens from "helping" him or even saying his name out loud. Owens argued that Bloomberg isn't racist. No, the "best" racist on the Left is Bernie Sanders ... because of socialism?

OWENS: [Sanders] pretends to be their friend. He lies to black America's face when he knows that he's going to be the one like Lyndon Baines Johnson. He's Lyndon Baines Johnson 2.0 who is going to enact policies that are going to harm black America for the next 100 years.

When she was in high school, Owens sued the Stamford, Connecticut, public schools for racial discrimination, but she also should have filed a claim against whoever taught her American history. If Sanders were to literally campaign as "Lyndon Baines Johnson 2.0," he'd win South Carolina in a landslide. LBJ is arguably black people's favorite president after Barack Obama. One of my aunts had a set of LBJ commemorative plates. This is because most black people have brains in their head and remember that President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. That's worth a lifetime pass to the cookout.

This is just a bizarrely ahistorical statement from an admittedly bizarre woman. Owens doubled down on Twitter and claimed that LBJ only passed the Civil Rights Act because he was "forced to," presumably by all those powerful black people who couldn't vote or use functioning water fountains. She also repeated the debunked quote from LBJ boasting how he'd signed major civil rights legislation to "keep those n****rs voting Democrat for the next 200 years." As diabolical schemes go, it was quite a gamble, but it's rooted in the conservative belief that Democrats pass laws that benefit minorities so they'll vote for them. That's supposed to seem cynical and transactional rather than, you know, how electoral politics work.

Conservatives also like to insist that LBJ was racist because he probably used the n-word during a period in American history where way too many white people talked like they were in a Quentin Tarantino film. Meanwhile, they insist that a high school student using the n-word today is totally not racist. Maybe their problem is more with the passing of civil rights legislation than the racial epithets.

Kevin M. Kruse soon appeared like the Sandman on "Showtime at the Apollo" to sweep Owens off the stage. That's the major plus of stupid people making stupid historical claims on the Internet. We all get to learn something from Kruse's public dressing down. He should have his own children's show.

Kruse was generous enough to praise Owens for "packing so much wrong" into one tweet. I'm less generous: Candace Owens's brain is broken. Girl, bye.

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