Trump To Special Insurrecting People's Club: Stand Down, Stand By. Wonkette To YOU: Hang In There, Baby!

Trump To Special Insurrecting People's Club: Stand Down, Stand By. Wonkette To YOU: Hang In There, Baby!

The Trumpers took over the US Capitol today in what sure looked like was absolutely a coup attempt, and I'm staring at a blank screen trying to find something halfway coherent to say about it. At the moment, Joe Biden is on the TV, reminding us that "democracy is fragile," and calling on Donald Trump to get his own ass on television to tell his people to stop.

So what does this Mean For America? As it happened, Donald Trump took to Twitter with a little message for his supporters, telling them that they have every reason to be angry because his landslide election win was stolen from them, but could they please go home now? He loves them all very much, and he thinks they're very special, so stand down and stand by, we guess. Twitter was quick to take some very unprecedented action, with this incredible warning: "This claim of election fraud is disputed, and this Tweet can't be replied to, Retweeted, or liked due to a risk of violence."

The fuck does THAT mean for America?

What it means is that we now have a genuine crisis of democracy. We have a "president" whose idea of calling for calm is to repeat the claims that he used to call mobs to storm the Capitol. What it means is that armed invaders went into the seat of democracy and forced the leaders of that democracy to evacuate.

We haven't seen anything this insane in our lifetimes, is what it means. Or possibly ever, at least not since the actual Civil War.

I'm fairly sure this isn't a true Reichstag Fire incident, because however much damage the mob does, it just doesn't feel at all likely that this madness will really overwhelm American institutions. Although as I typed that, I realized there was nothing stopping them from lighting fires, is there?

Even there, I'm still fool enough to think that the country would recover, that Trump and his idiot brigades won't be able to keep him in power. I'm not entirely sure where that faith comes from. Possibly from the fact that I just don't see this madness going beyond the angry, violent mob.

The more likely result, I'd like to hope, is that this is where Trumpism starts dying. But I'm not at all sure that's any kind of certainty.

In the chatcave, there's no certainty about what happens even in the next hour. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has called a curfew at 6 p.m. Eastern; some of us think once the National Guard is finally granted by the Department of Defense, that will shut this shit DOWN; others see a bloodbath all night long.

We knew there would be a violent mob today, it just never occurred to us they'd breach the House and the Senate — or that there'd be no National Guard to stop them.

This will be your open thread, and we'll person the liveblog until we don't anymore. It started as a lovely day, and there will be more lovely days again, soon.

Wonkette loves you and is here for you in interesting times. Please keep us going, if you are able.

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