capitol.jpg11:40 -- Forklift driver claims responsibility! Says his truck goes "bang bang bang"! CNN interviews elevator company guys who all claim to be named Anderson. That's it for now, we'll get back to this for the Cap Police briefing at noon.

Shooting at the Rayburn office building! Maybe!

Apparently in the garage, the "sounds of gunshot" in the Rayburn garage (but no confirmation), complete lockdown and evacuation just lockdown, apparently.

So, there's a police firing range down there. WTOP traffic lady recommends avoiding Independence for the time being.

Also -- there's a police firing range down there! Capitol police aren't saying anything more. LOCKDOWN!


Rest or our LIVE COVERAGE, after the jump.

People in Rayburn are beign told to take shelter, stay away from windows. If nearby, "grab personal belongings" and don't leave the building.

CNN: The shot was heard was heard by a single staff person on the G3 level, which isn't where the firing range is. No injuries. But Cap doctors have just "run out of here." The Senate doesn't care, still trying to finish up and beat the traffic.

11:17 HENRYTHEINTERN: FBI Terrorism Task Force & 4 ambulances.

but they're reopening the building "soon"?

11:22 -- Rayburn reopening soon. CNN says one more sweep, ambulances just standard operating procedure. CNN asking a staffer about what the G3 garage is like -- "big open space with lots of cars." HE'S PARKED THERE OH NO!

11:30 -- MORE TRAFFIC UPDATES: Westbound traffic on Independence is moving!

We just got an emergency call from Anonymous Hill Staffer, who suggests that the Cap Police firing range door was left open. He is not particularly worried.

CNN producer: "It's a confusing building. I've parked there for years!" Cops are pulling up w/ sirens. We've reached the "let's recap what we know because there are no updates" stage.

11:36 -- Fox says the staffer smelled gun powder! That's interesting, right? Having parked in an official Capitol parking lot before, we can say that it would be ridiculously easy to get a gun into a parking garage if you're with a staffer. But we can also say that, knowing hill staffers, they drive shitty cars that might backfire. Cap police briefing at noon.


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