Capitol Staffers Not Pussies, Okay?

Eep-1The first controversy from today's Capitol evacuation has emerged! "Was the evacuation 'orderly' or were people running for their lives?" Discuss!

A former FEMA official is saying on Fox News that "the word 'running' is probably inappropriate...we have to figure out what language to use in the future." On the other hand, Sen. Lautenberg says that someone came into the hall and yelled, "Come on, you only have two minutes!" and that they did run. Far. "I saw a lot of very tired people. I must tell you, a very heavy woman running next to me." (Hey, lay off Mikulski, okay?)

Our favorite eyewitness description comes from Suzanne Malavaux, however, who gives this appropriately deadpan account:

One man told me this is not a joke, and he said run, get off of the grounds.... and then the tone changed. At that point, I yelled, I asked him do we go inside or get off the grounds? We wanted clarification, and then he started yelling, get out of here, get off of the grounds, run. And that is when we started moving rather quickly.
For what it's worth, the video on CNN shows at least one woman going somewhere between a canter and gallop.

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