Carl Levin Hit By Muslin Pie

Sen. Carl Levin was holding a question-and-answer session in Big Rapids, Michigan today when an anti-war protester hit him with a pie. We've been scouring the Internet for a photo of this funny turning point in the history of American aggression, but the best we could come up with is this accurate Blingee re-enactment.

The Big Rapids Pioneer newspaper reported the woman's name as Ahlam Mohsen, a 23-year-old senior at Michigan State University; and her friend who instigated the incident with Levin as Max Kantar, 23. MSU lists Mohsen as a student, but it's unknown what school Kantar attends.

These crazy kids must have been fans of What Would You Do? growing up.

More importantly, "Ahalam Mohsen" SOUNDS MUSLIN. Michigan is a state that lets Muslins build LOTS OF MOSQUES mere BLOCKS away from where Americans' precious pets live, and lets Muslins walk freely amongst other Americans. This is what happens when our lax federal laws allow people with Muslin-sounding names to buy pies. [Detroit News]


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