Carl Paladino's Advisor Was Licked At That Gay Pride Parade


No matter how much he tries to escape it, Carl Paladino's life is full of the gay he hates so much. That whole New York gay pride parade he thought was so disgusting? Yeah, one of his "key advisors," Roger Stone,was at that thing. So was Roger Stone's shirtless body and that of a "fitness model," "Kat ForTra." And so was Kat ForTra's tongue, which licked Stone's ear, and Stone's tongue, which licked her boob. Stone is apparently notorious for his "Nixonian dirty tricks," which is apparently not a euphemism, even though he was forced to quit Bob Dole's presidential campaign after it was revealed he was a swinger. So, you know, good guy to have around when you're trying to talk about your "family values," Paladino (who, in another revelation, sent out a lot more porn e-mails than had previously been released).

Meanwhile, the Web site that first revealed Paladino had forwarded several racially charged and sexually suggestive e-mails disclosed more X-rated pictures and movies supposedly sent out last year by the Buffalo builder.

The e-mails, posted by, feature women in various sexual situations, including one showing a woman performing oral sex on another.

At least two e-mails bear the same commentary attributed to Paladino: "Awesome."

"This is just an attempt to breathe life once again into their dying, unprofitable Web site by maligning a Buffalo community leader," Caputo said. "None of this is new; none of it is relevant."

Yes, none of this is relevant to Paladino's joke of a campaign for one of the highest offices in the nation. The only thing that's relevant is that duck furry. [NYP]


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