Carly Fiorina: Trump Can’t Lead His Way Out Of A Paper Bag He Infected With COVID-19


Former Vice President Joe Biden received the endorsement of former never vice president Carly Fiorina in June. Fox News must not have noticed because the network had Fiorina on “America's Newsroom" this morning to discuss leadership.

SANDRA SMITH: You coach leadership. Rate the president on this specific issue: Fighting the coronavirus and bringing the American people through this pandemic.

Fiorina is alive and conscious, so her response was straightforward.

FIORINA: This is an area where, in my view, President Trump has failed in his leadership. I saw that because the first and most important role of a leader in a crisis — in particular, COVID, and COVID is a crisis — is to see the truth, speak the truth, and act on the truth.

That's a lot of truth. Trump can barely manage half truths.

FIORINA: Donald Trump has a spotty record on speaking the truth about this virus and acting on the truth. I think now that he has experienced the virus himself, unfortunately, he is making it all about him. It's about his experience with the virus when millions of Americans have been experiencing this virus for a very long time. And I say that because a critical quality of any leader is that a leader serves. A leader serves others. It's never about the leader.


Wait, hold up, Trump didn't become president to serve Americans or even just the common slobs who support him. He can't even bother to avoid endangering the lives of Secret Service agents or White House staff. Trump probably ran for president because he wanted to play checkers with human beings.

SMITH: Carly, our viewers are going to hear you say all of that.

Yes, ma'am, that's how television works. It's why Fiorina's wearing a mic.

SMITH: And they're gonna say, “Hey, wait, she's a Republican. He's a Republican."

This is so sad. It's the state of the modern GOP, especially on Fox News. There is no actual ideology or set of principles. There's only Trump, who has no principles, and his only ideology is self-aggrandizement. Trump can't fail whatever it is Republicans are supposed to believe. Republicans can only fail to support Trump.

SMITH: You were on the Republican debate stage in 2016, fighting for your party.

Smith might recall that during the Republican primary, pretty much every candidate actively decried Trump as representing the downfall of their party. It was the one thing they were right about. Fiorina recently shared on Twitter some of her own “Krypton is doomed!" warnings.

Smith, who apparently is not alive and conscious, asked Fiorina why she thinks Biden is a better choice for president than the man who tripped over his own shoelaces and fell uncovered-face first into COVID-19.

FIORINA: As citizens, we do not pledge allegiance to a party. We do not pledge allegiance to a person, even the president. We pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and we are faithful to the Constitution. [ ... ]

Presidents should work for us. So, while I don't agree with everything Joe Biden believes. I don't agree with all the policies of his party. I have been a Republican for all my life. I think Joe Biden is a stronger leader, because he has demonstrated humility, empathy, the willingness to collaborate with others, and the character I think matters in a leader.

Fiorina said last year that “character is destiny. It is destiny for a person. It is destiny for a party, and it is destiny for a nation." She's right, and for the past four years, we've seen the character of the GOP and some of Trump's once fiercest critics, including her fake running mate Ted Cruz, reveal itself.

The Trump cult quickly attacked Fiorina on social media for criticizing President Klan Robe. She's no longer a “true" Republican by their standards, but considering what it means to remain a Republican in good standing these days, Fiorina should consider that a compliment.

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