Carly & Meg, In Every Important Way, Are Dianne & Barbara

Carly & Meg, In Every Important Way, Are Dianne & Barbara

  • Meg Whitman, who hit "buy it now" on the most expensive GOP primary campaign for the unwanted job of Governor of California, is much like Carly Fiorina, who cut the market value of Hewlett Packard by a remarkable 60% during her dismal reign as CEO of that company before spending millions of her own fortune to win the GOP primary for a California Senate seat. But both Republicans are, in the most important ways, exactly the same as Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, who both won their historic races in 1992, and are liberal Democrats instead of flimsy Republicans momentarily disguised as hard-right anti-Mexican dingbats. Why is America so sexist as to not recognize how these four people are all, legally, the exact same thing? Did you not know each of them has lady parts? Did you not know 2010, like only 1992 before it, is the Year of the Womens? (Super-rich California Republican ex-tech-CEO womens, anyway.) [Los Angeles Times/Washington Post/New York Times]
  • The Southern white girl student in South Carolina has bravely gone on local teevee news to describe how some sketchy unemployed creeper was hanging around the university computer lab trying to make her look at Internet pornos. That creeper, of course, was new Democratic star Alvin Greene, who nobody but this girl ever saw before yesterday, when the poor black country fellow with the sex-felony charges mysteriously won the Democratic primary that will certainly lead to triumph against beloved wingnut Senator Jim DeMint. [News 2 Charleston]
  • Confused Catholics hope to honor the long-dead corpse of Mother Teresa by ... lighting up the Empire State Building in a special way that means the long-dead Mother Teresa is still famous to these people. [ABC News]

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