Cartoon Duck Scandal Is Last Straw For GOP Faithful

*That's* what right-wing cartoon ducks dream about? - WonketteWhen your real-world leaders are revealed to be meth addicts, page fuckers, mistress chokers, wife beaters and bribe-taking money-laundering murderers, it's good to know the cartoon duck in the paper will continue to set high standards for screaming about liberals not having morals.

That's why we're so happy to announce that "Mallard Fillmore" creator Edward Bruce Tinsley was again arrested for a drunken outrage. Tinsley, 48 and angry, was picked up by the cops for drunk driving in his Indiana hometown on December 4 with an impressive blood-alcohol level of .14 -- enough to get two faggy Democrats drunk.

In August, Tinsley was arrested for general Public Drunkenness. There's got to be a really good sex perversion revelation coming soon.

'Mallard Fillmore' creator arrested for DUI [Indy Star]



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