By the Comics Curmudgeon
Let's cut the chase: America's political cartoonists are engaged in a vast, ink-stained conspiracy to hollow out our souls and leave us gibbering husks. Why do they hate us, and, by extension, hate freedom? This is not something that mere mortals can answer. What Lovecraftian horrors have they visited upon us this week? That's much easier to determine: just check out the worst, after the jump.

Mecha-Hillary prepares to feast on Mountain-Obama's brains. The combination of the Hillary's horrifically distended mechanical jaw, the nightmarish transformation of Obama into a living part of the landscape itself, and the overtones of cannibalism bring this cartoon to a very dark place. But the Hilla-crane is definitely the worst part. I defy you to look at her half-face and not pray that you'll soon wake up from this terribly hallucinatory dream, screaming.

Hillary and Obama are transformed into animals and forced to race to the death, for sport. Sure, this is an obvious comparison that your Wonkette didn't miss, but there's something visceral about seeing it drawn out. Big Brown/Obama looks suitably noble, but the wide, staring eyes on the soon-to-be put down Hillaryhorse haunt me. And the lipstick. Sweet God, why is it so unutterably creepy to put lipstick on a horse?

Hillary Clinton is reduced to a legless, armless torso, surrounded by the bloody remains of her limbs.

Also, Monty Python is now considered a major shared political touchstone, apparently.

A wizened John McCain is holding hands with his gay lover, a suicidal man-elephant, while sitting on the couch, which is on the beach. Oh, sure, the McCain/man-elephant love affair is disturbing enough, but why place them on the beach? Is it representative of a strange, liminal state between solid ground and fickle sea? Does it have something to do with global warming? Is the incongruous presence of the couch meant to be surrealist or absurdist, or is it just easier to draw than the two figures sitting on the sand? And wouldn't you be tempted to shoot yourself if you were John McCain's gay man-elephant lover?

Ron Paul has dressed in drag so as to infiltrate Jenna Bush's wedding.

Sure, it's really, really terribly drawn drag, but the very notion of "Ron Paul in drag" ought to send anyone screaming for the exits.

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