This is Cathy Cummings, the Democratic candidate for Leftenant Governor in the great state of Oklahoma. Her campaign is maybe probably (certainly) doomed, because Democrat in the reddest red state, but let us just imagine that Oklahoma is a state where a Democrat could win a statewide office.[Editrix's note regarding that link: it is some bullshit, and manages to "forget" the governor before Mary Fallin was Democrat Brad Henry. It is true about how a lot of Oklahoma Dems are like ARGLE BARGLE WE ARE NOT LIBERAL though. Except the Pott County Democrats. Those people are NUTS!]

It's not impossible, after all. And look at the kind of person this Cathy Cummings is -- she and her husband Sean own two restaurants in Oklahoma City, and she is the lucky soul who gets to teach all newly licensed vendors of Guinness how to pour Ireland's thick black brew. But it isn't all just beer and River/ballroom dancing -- she's also a classic Midwestern progressive. Maybe she will come to our Oklahoma City Wonkette Drinky Thing THIS SUNDAY?? Or the Pott County Democratic Fundraiser the night before???

And then there's the pretty darned impressive experiment that she and Sean undertook last fall: Living for a month on minimum wage. To make things more real, the two moved into a small apartment and budgeted their spending to make it a realistic simulation -- and they made a video about the experience:

This, by the way, is where we throw in our plug for Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickle And Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, the semi-definitive look at just how expensive it is to be poor. If you haven't read this book, what are you even doing calling yourself a liberal?

Yr Wonket is officially in political love with Cathy Cummings. So here is her personal invitation for her and Sean to stop by our Big Drinky Thing on Sunday. We'll even send people to her campaign homepage. Yes, this is a great plan, asking a bar owner to stop by another bar on the weekend before St. Patrick's Day. Still, like her election to the ell-tee governorship, it could happen! Shut up, yes it could.

[Cathy Cummings / Youtube / Minimum Wage Experiment]

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