Caveat Dater: Don'

A reader just drew our attention to (DDHG), a website profiled in this article from the NYT Thursday Styles section.

(Yes, we had to rely upon a reader tip; we're far too serious-minded here at Wonkette to read Thursday Styles. But Sunday Styles, that's a different story -- wedding announcements are news! Plus, David Brooks reads them, so that means they're okay.)

The Gray Lady reports:

Framed in pink, the site allows a woman to post the name and photograph of a man she says has wronged her, along with a short but often pungent synopsis of how precisely she was aggrieved. The suspicious or merely curious can hunt for a cheater by typing a name into the search engine.

Our curiosity piqued, we headed over to check it out. But we developed serious doubts about the site's comprehensiveness, after this search, this search and this search did not produce the expected results.

don't date him girl.jpg

Despite its shortcomings, DDHG is a useful resource. Given the boundless depravity of men -- it took six seasons for Carrie and the girls to find true love! -- it's unreasonable to expect one website to be a repository for every "youthful indiscretion."

Now, what if you're a man who wants to look into the background of your lady friend? Fear not; help is on the way. According to the Times, site founder Tasha Joseph "is planning to start a companion site for men," She just needs to acquire the domain name -- from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.


(Name Here) Is a Liar and a Cheat [NYT]


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