Cavuto Wacko For Jacko

cavutojacko.jpgEarlier this week, during an interview with President Bush, Fox News personality Neil Cavuto tried out a theory. The President's failure to sell the War on Social Security to the American public? It's all Jacko's fault. The President quickly dismissed the idea, but Cavuto, recognizing Peabody material when he sees it, is holding strong:

Cavuto: I have a theory on this, John. A lot of people think I'm crazy. But the president's [Social Security] push, soon as he began his second term, times almost to the week with the approach of the Michael Jackson trial. And I have a view -- and it could be crazy -- and the president readily admitted maybe it was -- that this fixation on the Michael Jackson trial, even in your show right now, takes away from the attention that maybe the president wanted afforded his program on Social Security.

Cavuto: Most Americans still disagree [with Bush's handling of Social Security.] He's had a tough sell. I tried to relate the intense coverage of the Michael Jackson trial as being a bit of a distraction for him.

Hey, Jacko jurors! Don't you know there is Social Security crisis that we need to fix now? Deliver a verdict already; the President has a country to lead.

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