CDC Adviser Arrested for Putting the "Public" in "Public Health"

Public health advocate George Michael - WonketteToday in public masturbation by sometime government employees news:

A prominent public health expert who is a top adviser to federal health agencies was arrested on suspicion of public indecency in an airport men's room.

Dr. Hugh H. Tilson, 67, was arrested Jan. 16 at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport after a plainclothes police officer said he saw Tilson masturbating at a urinal while watching other men urinate.

Tilson, who recently co-chaired an advisory task force for the Centers for Disease Control, was visiting Atlanta for a "senior leadership retreat." We assume his defense, as an expert in the field, will be that he was merely following government-recommended advice for the treatment and prevention of blue-balls.

CDC Adviser Arrested for Urinal Incident [SFGate]


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