Cee Lo Invite To Obama Fundraiser Proves Obama Hates Women, Gays, Decency


We hope you have been saving up your outrage, dear readers, because hoh boy: Barack Obama has invited singer Cee Lo Green to perform at a fundraiser in Atlanta! But what's the issue? It can't be that Matt Drudge is upset about the swears, about Cee Lo Green having a hit song titled, "Fuck You," because Mitt Romney just recently appeared with talentless idiot Kid Rock, whose repertoire includes a song titled, "Fuck That." Help us out, News Media and Twitter, why should we be upset that Barack Obama is a fan of a five-time Grammy award-winning musician?

First of all, because Rush Limbaugh is the real victim of this and every other injustice on earth:

Second of all, think of the children. Surely Sasha and Malia disapprove, in the way that all adolescent children disapprove of most popular music:

Third of all, the Washington Examiner just needs to point this out, in their headline: "WH: Obama 'a fan' of singer accused of homophobia." Here is the quote from their story proving that Cee Lo Green hates gays: "I most certainly am not harboring any sort of negative feeling toward the gay community." See?

Or, you know, the wingnuts are just upset because Cee Lo is a black. [Twitter/ Washington Examiner]


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