Celebrate Randy Quaid Day With Crazy Wizard Video You Didn't Know You Needed



Everybody's favorite one-term president had a rough time on the toilet this morning, so he did what every thoroughly defeated wanna-be autocrat has always done in such a situation, he retweeted Randy Quaid about a billion times. The Rat King is very concerned that Republicans aren't listening to the soul of their party, a documented and highly powerful WIZARD:

Now you might remember Randy Quaid from his breakaway hit, Being Arrested In Vermont As A Felony Fugitive (2015, People Of Vermont), but he is actually most famous for being actor Dennis Quaid's older, wiser, more wizardy brother. Hahaha, just kidding, he is REALLY most famous for his sublime representation of Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation 2: Eddie's Island Adventure (2003, NBC), and also Cousin Eddie in Vegas Vacation (1997, Warner Brothers), Cousin Eddie in Vacation (1983, National Lampoon), and Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation 1: The One That Doesn't Suck (1989, Warner Brothers). He was also in a couple other things, playing a drunk ex-pilot version of Cousin Eddie in Independence Day (1996, FOX), and an Amish version of Cousin Eddie in Kingpin (1996, MGM). He also recently starred in a Wonkette Post, What Are Tinfoil Hatters Saying About Coronavirus.

You can see why such an artist would catch the eye of our Dear Leader, Donald "Cousin Eddie in an Ill-Fitting Suit" Trump. Let's take a peek at what President RageTweet was doing while fighting his greasy colon:

So Happy Randy Quaid Day, I guess. Have Quaid of Randy:

Cleaning out the White House Septic

I'm back! I'm back!

Start the reactor Quaid! Start the reactor Quaid!

Randy and Dennis Quaid Randy and Dennis Quaid

Amish Cousin Eddie Amish Cousin Eddie

Cousin Eddie Goes to Jail Cousin Eddie Goes to Jail

Is that enough? I think that's enough.

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