Celebrities Who Married Totally Normal People! Tabs, Thurs., Nov. 19, 2020

Celebrities Who Married Totally Normal People! Tabs, Thurs., Nov. 19, 2020

Somebody's DISGUSTED.

How will the GOP turn out the crackpots if Trump isn't on the ballot? — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Speaking of: QAnon mom murdered the QAnon/sov-cit guy who was "helping" her get her kids back, I've read about this particular duo before, and now one is murdered by the other aiyeeeeee. (Daily Beast)

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger can't understand why all his gutless colleagues are pretending to believe Trump won. (CNN)

Like this pud!

Shaub, Painter, and Finkelstein — the Ethicists! — have filed an ethics complaint against Lindsey Graham for being a dirty dirty tempted lection stealer. (Complaint)

Poor poor GSA Emily just doesn't know what to do about the transition and the absolute fact that Joe Biden won! — CNN

Lawyers Guns & Money is NOT SORRY FOR HER. (LGM)

LOL Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis are trying to Hunger Games the rest of the Trump campaign staff, and it is funny! (MSN)

Say, what's up with Joe Biden's public option? (LA Times)

Say, what's Joe gonna do about all those refugees who need ... refuge? — NPR

Um Trump appointed this guy to the Holocaust Commission. (Yahoo)

I know California Gov. Gavin Newsom is sorry he went to that restaurant party, but it was really really super DUPER wrong. — CalMatters

And a bipartisan group of California legislators went to Maui for the very important business of "going to Maui." Guys, COME THE FUCK ON. (Politico)

One percent of flyers account for half of aviation's global emissions. They should stop that! — The Guardian

The kids are financially fucked. And their mental health isn't great either! (Free post at Financial Times)

Bleeeech this loooong detailed story about the Falwells' sex with Giancarlo Granda bleeeeech. — Talking Points Memo

Italian police use their police Lamborghini to drive a kidney 300 miles in two hours. (Boing Boing)

I really wish people would stop writing about Substack, because I have to read each one and then I am jealous and sad :( (Thank you, all of you, for keeping Wonkette going, you are wonderful.) — Vanity Fair

This guy's halal restaurant has an open-door (and free meals) policy for homeless people, so people are sending him all the money. It's Nice Time! (Eater DC)

Oh goddammit, 43 different roast chicken recipes is TOO MANY ROAST CHICKEN RECIPES, but by the sixth slide (you can actually just scroll down instead of slide-showing) it was pretty clear I was going to have to link you 43 goddamn roast chicken recipes. — Food and Wine

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