Celebrities Who Treat Waiters Like Trash! Tabs, Wed., June 17, 2020

Celebrities Who Treat Waiters Like Trash! Tabs, Wed., June 17, 2020

Wonkette would never write about this gross sex harasser Democratic US Senate nominee for Nebraska if he were a Democrat! (AP)

Wooo Amy Cooper girl, you're a LOT. (New York Times)

Oh no, Google Ads won't let The Federalist make any money off promoting "hatred, intolerance, violence or discrimination based on race," now what will it do :( — Boing Boing

Oh wait, disregard. Now that IS sad.

Is it okay to put ketchup on chicken? It's Drew Magary's Funbag! — Vice

People being lunatics in Orange County, California, for a change.

Protesters screamed at speakers and pushed them, mocking them for sanitizing their hands. They even tried to hit them in the head with their signs, said Luis Aleman, a project lead for the Orange County Labor Federation.

— "Groups Clash in Orange County Over Mask Requirements," LA Times

Paranoia will destroy ya.

Sloppy consumer protection? Sure. Subpar food safety practices? Yeah, that too. A conspiracy to attack cops? Not in the slightest.

And yet the police unions' fast food-focused fragility felt pretty… familiar. Over the past few months, headlines about cops getting erroneously mad at restaurants have become surprisingly common. Like the cop who accused a fast food worker of taking a bite out of his McChicken because he "forgot" he'd taken the bite himself. Or the cops who threatened to boycott a Philly sandwich shop for the dire sin of not giving officers free lunch. Or the cop who lied about a McDonald's worker calling him a "f---- pig" on his coffee cup.

— Police Persecution Complex is real. And dangerous. LA Times

Hey guess what Philly court supervisor who said he doesn't think black lives matter? (Inquirer)

Hey guess what Richmond police chief after a police cruiser drove through a crowd of protesters? (Washington Post)

You About to lose your job ( Original Remix ) 😂 🎧www.youtube.com

The 2014 Oregon Teacher of the Year and the absolutely yiiiiiiikes bullshit his Portland school district put him through for being gay/even addressing the safety of gay students. (Twitter thread)

This Carlin Romano fellow at the National Book Critics Circle sounds like a real dick! — New York mag

Hey ProPublica, did the CARES Act give millionaires and billionaires so much more than $1200? It did? That's unexpected! — ProPublica

Oh hell yeah. Youth Are Flipping an Abandoned North Carolina Prison Into a Sustainable Farm. (Civil Eats)

Well! I think Good Housekeeping is wrong! 54 outdated home trends that we hope never come back.

And I think Good Housekeeping is wrong again! All these garbages remain garbage (except for the jars but if you didn't know you can put stuff in jars, that is probably on you). 38 genius trash to treasure crafts that will save you so much money.

DID YOU KNOW that more than one member of the Penzeys Spices family are actual wonkers? This isn't an ad, I was just bored and looking at gift boxes online and they have many! (Penzeys)

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