Celebs Who Got Addicted To Drugs As Child Actors! Tabs, Fri., Feb. 17, 2023

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Okay, everyone, that's a wrap. I SAID NO. (New York Times gift link)

I know John Fetterman will be okay after checking himself in to Walter Reed for depression. I know he will. Half the country will be as small and evil as we can possibly imagine, and that is on them and there is nothing we can do to fix them. — People mag / NYT gift link on his recuperation challenges from a week ago that I thought would be meaner and shittier than it is, maybe the NYT should think about what it's been up to lately that would make its subscribers assume it's going to be mean and shitty.

Indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Biden for unconstitutionally signing a congressional spending bill passed by the US House and Senate. One of his gripes is about illegal immigration, so that's obvious. The other is: "A 'Pregnant Workers Fairness Act' that requires employers (such as state governments) to make 'reasonable accommodations' for employees’ pregnancies and childbirths[.]" Oh no, not reasonable accommodations. So we'll see how quickly the Supreme Court outlaws Joe Biden signing bills Ken Paxton ain't like. — Forbes

That brings me to this tab that's been chilling in my browser: REFORM/RESTRUCTURE/NUKE WITH FIRE THE COURTS NOW. (Lawyers Guns & Money)

Guns are friends, not food!

PA Gov. Josh Shapiro not only won't do mass executions with guillotines, he won't let the state do any executions at all!! :( (LawDork)

Of course VA Gov. Glenn Youngkin isn't going to stop cops from subpoenaing your period data, how else are they supposed to prosecute your pregnancy outcome??? — Guardian

So ... did nobody realize that the city councilman who uses a wheelchair might need some sort of incline on which a wheeled conveyance could make it to the top of the stage for his debate? Instead, for five excruciating minutes he crawled from his chair to the stage before they realized they couldn't lift his chair after him, and held it on the floor in front instead. "Denver Clerk Paul López said in a statement that he regrets Hinds 'had an adverse experience' at the debate." That is indeed a way to put it. (Denver Post)

Well that "sacred music"-singing gay won't make that mistake twice (OR WILL HE?) after his "lifestyle" got his famed a cappella group canceled from some dumb bigot college. (CNN)

Did Columbus kill so many Native Americans that it actually led to global cooling? Maybe! (Archeology) Which reminds me of a wonderful tour guide we had at the ruins in Tulum who gave us a very urbane and intelligent and ecoterrorist summation of how the Mayans had absolutely deforested the peninsula by ... living a completely subsistence lifestyle, so not sure exactly what he thought people should do to "not die."

I didn't think I needed to read this story about Sumner Redstone, but ... (trigger warning for oh my fucking GOD)

[CBS President Les] Moonves grabbed her, pulled her against him, and made grinding motions. His penis was erect… Peters pushed him away, but he tried to remove her shirt and get into her pants. Peters managed to push him off.

“Oh, you’re going to be like that,” Moonves said. Moonves went to the corner of the room and masturbated. He left the room without saying anything more.

That was his new DIABETES DOCTOR at their SEVEN AM APPOINTMENT. — Daily Beast

World's biggest dick pic! Definitely not Brett Favre's. (Buzzfeed)

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