Charles Krauthammer Criticizes Obama For Not Being As Brave As Charles Krauthammer On Mosque Thing


Head and beer can placement should be switched.Thank God (not Allah) that we have Charles Krauthammer to lead the hearts and minds of our country. Krauthammer, you will be shocked to learn, considering that kind face of his, is against the conversion of that Manhattan Burlington Coat Factory to a mosque. (All the 9/11 families say it should be a Big Lots, by the way.) And he has led us on this issue, tirelessly, in his dumb job that pays him an actual living wage simply to write a single column every week. Today's conclusion: Obama is a coward for coming out in favor of the freedom of religion, and his ilk do not have a refined taste in analogies, like Krauthammer does.

It takes no courage whatsoever to bask in the applause of a Muslim audience as you promise to stand stoutly for their right to build a mosque, giving the unmistakable impression that you endorse the idea. What takes courage is to then respectfully ask that audience to reflect upon the wisdom of the project and to consider whether the imam's alleged goal of interfaith understanding might not be better achieved by accepting the New York governor's offer to help find another site.

Real courage is thinking exactly what Charles Krauthammer thinks, you see. Accepting plurality is safe and easy, whereas it takes real courage to be a bigot.

Wow, that would have been so courageous, wouldn't it have, to do exactly as the polls said? Somebody should have stood up at that celebration of Ramadan and told those Muslims they have no right to practice their religion unless we non-Muslims tell them they can. But apparently nobody invited Charles Krauthammer to this gathering, so he didn't show those Muslims what courage looks like.

Where the president flagged, however, the liberal intelligentsia stepped in with gusto, penning dozens of pro-mosque articles characterized by a frenzied unanimity, little resort to argument and a singular difficulty dealing with analogies.

Poopheads! Don't they know that democratic principles and the Constitution don't matter? God, what a bunch of idiots! Analogies should dictate what we do and think, not American values! This is why Krauthammer gets paid the big bucks, because he understands that analogies are the only things that matter.

The Atlantic's Michael Kinsley was typical in arguing that the only possible grounds for opposing the Ground Zero mosque are bigotry or demagoguery. Well then, what about Pope John Paul II's ordering the closing of the Carmelite convent just outside Auschwitz?

Yes, what about that? One time a pope did a thing! That is an analogy! How can you just look at a Krauthammer analogy and not do exactly the same thing? Who cares if you are being bigoted or a demagogue? ANALOGIES!

And then we get another fun argument:

Ground Zero is the site of the most lethal attack of that worldwide movement, which consists entirely of Muslims, acts in the name of Islam and is deeply embedded within the Islamic world. These are regrettable facts, but facts they are. And that is why putting up a monument to Islam in this place is not just insensitive but provocative.

Yes, a community center is a monument to Islam. No, it is not a place for people to go and swim and play squash and pray. It is a remembrance for past Islam. ERGO, TERRORISM. And we can ergo that because Krauthammer says it's a "monument," so it is. You can't differentiate yourself from the terrorists, Muslims, because Krauthammer has decided you are not allowed to, even though he agrees you are not terrorists. Haha!

Just as the people of Japan today would not think of planting their flag at Pearl Harbor, despite the fact that no Japanese under the age of 85 has any possible responsibility for that infamy, representatives of contemporary Islam -- the overwhelming majority of whose adherents are equally innocent of the infamy committed on 9/11 in their name -- should exercise comparable respect for what even Obama calls hallowed ground and take up the governor's offer.

And once again, for all the fucktards like Krauthammer, this is not being built on "Ground Zero." Another office building is being built there, to cover up that spot where that pile of bodies and steel was. The community center is being built blocks away, out of sight of the World Trade Center site.

One time a homeless man crapped on a dead pigeon two blocks away from the World Trade Center site. Because Krauthammer is arguing against a mosque at about the same distance from the World Trade Center site, based on this analogy we can say Charles Krauthammer is a piece of homeless-man shit on a dead pigeon. [WP]


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