Charles Rangel's Illegal Dominican Cabana Problem


  • McCain, in his big speech last night, vowed to end "partisan rancor." He made this clear by using the word "fight" 43 times, literally. [New York Times]
  • St. Paul police arrested 250 anti-war protestors -- filled, presumably, with now-illegal Partisan Rancor -- before McCain's acceptance speech. [St. Paul Star Tribune]
  • Bob Woodward's new book alleges that the US spied on the Iraqi Prime Minister and asserts that the Surge didn't work. Why would Bob Woodward rather win the election than lose the war? [Washington Post]
  • Charles Rangel failed to report the $75k he earned from renting out his $500/night lush Dominican villa. [New York Times]
  • Dick Cheney promised Georgia it would someday be included in NATO, and threw Ukraine in there too while he was at it. [Los Angeles Times]

  • McCain and Obama are tied in the mostly meaningless national polls. [Politico]

  • Ike and Hanna are not the last of the summer's terrible hurricanes, in fact, hurricane season might last until October-ish. [Tampa Bay Tribune]

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