Charlie Crist Will Win the Old Fashioned Way: By Rescuing All Florida Voters From Car Crashes


Why is Charlie Crist no longer welcome in the Republican Party? Because, when confronted by a common Waffle House employee pinned in a car crash, Crist failed to laugh at the man's predicament or throw a dollar bill at him, "for health care." Instead, Crist comforted the man and offered him water. Why doesn't Charlie Crist know that working-class people are just supposed to die in the street while lower-middle-class white people laugh and hold up signs about socialism?

CBS 4 in Pensacola reports that Crist was headed to the Naval Air Station there when his car came upon a rollover accident scene. Charlie got out, talked to the guy -- who apparently wasn't gushing blood or anything -- and waited there until the ambulances arrived.

"I was in an accident once in high school. I was in an SUV. It flipped and went into a ditch. You'll be OK," Crist reportedly told the Waffle House worker. Why does Charlie Crist support socialism when a real man like Marco Rubio would've sent the guy back to Cuba? [CBS 4 Pensacola via Wonkette Operative "Monsieur Grumpe"]


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