Charlie Kirk Misses Diaper Change, Has Complete Meltdown At Politicon

Charlie Kirk Misses Diaper Change, Has Complete Meltdown At Politicon

Politicon, the bizarre political Comic-con for people who for some reason want to pay money to see The Fonz interview Malcolm Nance in a place that is not their own weird fever dream, was held this weekend in Los Angeles. Unsurprisingly, some weird shit went down.

During a panel hosted by noted thirst trap Hasan Piker of The Young Turks on Saturday, diaper fetishist Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA went right off the deep end when TYT's Cenk Uygur asked him what his salary was. Kirk had, just moments before, asked Piker what his salary was in order to prove some point about how he wasn't "living like a socialist." It was a very bad point, based on his own misconception that socialists want everyone to be poor. Upon being asked about his salary, Kirk leapt up from his chair and just started histrionically screaming, "I LIVE LIKE A CAPITALIST EVERY SINGLE DAY!"

Like I said, it was weird.

According to Uygur, his reasoning for asking him the question was that he had just posed that question to Piker and because he wanted to know "how much it took for the richest people in the country to buy his services." A fair question!

Kirk has a long and storied history of criticizing the left for having "feelings and emotion" as compared to his own "logic and reason."

Clearly, all those attributes were on full display on Saturday.

This was not the only stupid shit that came out of Kirk's mouth this weekend. During another panel, he demonstrated his complete misunderstanding of how banks work.

This was also not the only time Kirk has totally lost his shit in the last week or so. Recently, he posted this video of himself DESTROYING a "leftist Rabbi" by 100% not understanding what reform Judaism is, and screaming that he knew more about Judaism than said actual rabbi.

This was slightly ironic given that TPUSA members were exposed last week reminding each other to not make too many memes about how much they hate Jewish people.

But what is with Charlie and his temper tantrums? Did someone forget to change his diaper? Did he do too much coke? Did he recently become a Scientologist and propose to Katie Holmes? Perhaps! I have a theory though. Kirk, like many of his compatriots, very much enjoys posting videos of himself in which he DESTROYS some liberal person or concept or whatever. Like so:

It is what his people hunger for, the content they crave. All they want is the catharsis provided by brief videos of their "heroes" supposedly owning the libs with "facts and reason." While this never actually happens, the youtube titles tell them it does, and that's what matters. But to keep up with the theme of "TOTALLY DESTROYING THE LIBS," Kirk likely feels he has to keep upping the ante, providing more drama and more outrage to justify the description. Which leads to things like jumping up and down on a stage screaming at the top of his lungs that he lives like a capitalist every day of his life and making a complete fool out of himself.


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