Charlie Kirk So Mad White Conservative Men Banned From Sports Now

Here's one more conniption for your file of white men losing it because Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden had to resign over all his racist sexist homophobic gross bad emails. Surprise, it is Charlie Kirk, and he is making the face you see above.

Kirk knows what's really happening, why Gruden got pushed out, and it's because white Catholic conservative menfolk just aren't welcome anymore in woke sports like football. This is of course by the decree of Roger Goodell, who is we guess the dictator tyrant prince of Critical Race Theory Cancel Cultures, on top of his regular duties as NFL commissioner.

CHARLIE KIRK: [W]hy is Jon Gruden not offered forgiveness?

Charlie Kirk knows why, that's why he's making these faces, because he knows why.

KIRK: Because if Jon Gruden was worth saving, here's what they would do. They'd give him a two-week suspension to go to some sort of racial reconciliation camp — which, by the way, that's going to be the new playbook. As soon as all of the Democrats start to get flagged as racist, they're going to come up with this new playbook of, like, "well, he went to, like, a fat spa to go, like, lose weight" type of equivalent thing. "He's trying to get his life right, he went to racist anonymous and now he's back in two weeks" — like, yeah, OK.

Hahahaha Charlie Kirk, as you will see, is very fixated on this idea of Critical Race Theory Spas, which he made up, where Democrats will be allowed to go for healing, un-canceling weekends, but Republicans won't be allowed to ever go to for similar redemptive purposes.

You think he's kidding? He kids us not.

I kid you not.

As we were saying.

[T]hat's going to be the new — because the only way — the Democrats have to find a way to exempt themselves from the very totalitarianism and tyranny that they're inflicting on us. And one of the ways they're going to do that is create this, like, racist anonymous support group through some sort of, like, well, he's going to take a little bit of a hiatus and he's back and he's found a deep darkest corner of his soul, and he realized he was truly a racist, and now he's going to be an ally of the anti-racist movement

Because of the two weeks at the Critical Race Theory Spa, which exists.

Anyway, here is the part where Jon Gruden got canceled because of how white guys are no longer welcome in the NFL anymore or something:

But the real reason why they had to get rid of Jon Gruden is because he's a white, Catholic, conservative male who speaks out, and they know that that cannot be supported and offered forgiveness. That's the real reason this happened.

We all remember how the NFL changed when it adopted "No talking if you're a white man" as its official slogan.

Charlie Kirk then complained that people on the left NEVER get canceled, EVER. Sarah Silverman? Still the coach of the Raiders, probably. Joy Behar and Jimmy Kimmel and the governor of Virginia? Did not get canceled as Raiders coaches either! (Charlie Kirk didn't say those people were literal coaches, we're just typing like an ass, as usual. He did mention all those people, though.)

Point is, know why this happened? Charlie Kirk knows why this happened. Because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wanted it to happen. Charlie Kirk then called Roger Goodell "Little Caesar."

And then Kirk just kept talking and talking and talking about how Roger Goodell has destroyed all white men or something, it was so tedious, and he whined some more about Racists Anonymous Sleepaway Camp, which apparently Gruden IS going to get forced to go to, even though five seconds ago that was only for hypocritical Democrats and not irredeemable conservatives, and oh boy, Charlie Kirk is TERRIFIED of this summer camp for wayward racists, which he literally made up.


[Media Matters]

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