Charlie Kirk Says Ordering Paninis Just Like Holocaust Or East Germany Or Something Else Bad

Charlie Kirk Says Ordering Paninis Just Like Holocaust Or East Germany Or Something Else Bad

Sad news, Charlie Kirk is being discriminated against again.

He explained yesterday during some sort of Turning Point USA event that it was "literally, no exaggeration" just like Nazi Germany, or maybe East Germany, when he was recently asked to show his vax status at a restaurant in Arizona.

We happen to have had a similar personal experience recently in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, where they asked for our vax card at a restaurant and then we went inside and had the most delicious ceviche we have ever tasted. It didn't seem like Nazi Germany at all. Maybe they ask the question differently in Puerto Rico from how they do it in Arizona.


I was in California recently, all over. I come home for 24 hours, I try to go into a restaurant and they say show me your papers.

They actually said that? We don't think they said that.

KIRK: And I say, what are you talking about? Show me your papers?

Nope, still don't believe it.

KIRK: Again, I live in Arizona. I say, show me your papers? What kind of papers are you talking about? I'm pretty naive, I was on the phone — what are you talking about?

He just said he was going into a restaurant, not that he was on the phone. Are we making up this story as we go along?

KIRK: That's kind of weird. They say, where is your proof of vaccination? I said, what do you mean? The measles, mumps, rubella vaccination? Like, polio or smallpox?

Charlie right here is attempting to be clever, under the impression that the way he allegedly feigned ignorance is helping make his point. It's helping make the possibly imaginary restaurant's point. Oh well, any place Charlie Kirk own-goals himself is home, we guess.

KIRK: Like, I could get that, I think. Actually, my pediatrician is not far from here that I grew up with. They're like, no, the COVID vaccination proof.

It does stand to reason that they'd want vax proof for the pandemic that's currently raging all over the place. Not many cases of people getting the polio at the Shoney's these days.

KIRK: And so, not going to happen. So, and look, they were being nice enough. They were being very compliant Stasi members of the regime, right?

Just like the Stasi. Although maybe he means the Gestapo? Or he may not know which one he means. Is he trying to make a "Good Germans" reference? Surely he isn't saying the bakery workers were secret police informants. Oh, Charlie, what are you talking about?

KIRK: They would've been — again, I never want to hear again, like, how could the atrocities of Germany happen? Like, go to Corner Bakery, alright?

"Like, how could the atrocities of Germany happen? Like, go to Corner Bakery, alright?"

Good quote.

KIRK: You'll see. Seriously. Show me your papers. Like, what? Like, I want a panini. This is weird. Show me your papers.

Just like the Holocaust, where it was papers for paninis or you're outta luck. Or maybe just like East Germany.

KIRK: And so, it really sunk in and here I am coming back home, you know, and being treated like I'm visiting East Germany.

We feel like maybe Charlie should have stayed in school, because while it's possible he's just flubbing the words coming out of his tiny, off-center face, it's also possible he thinks the Third Reich and the Stasi and the Holocaust and the "atrocities of Germany" are all just interchangeable terms. To be clear, the Stasi were the secret police of East Germany. Usually when people refer to the "atrocities of Germany," or ask how could those atrocities happen, people assume they are talking about the Holocaust, which was perpetrated by Nazi Germany.

Which one of these is just like showing your vaccine card to eat tacos? We're not even sure Charlie knows.

It's possible that white rightwingers are so committed to historical ignorance and just smushing words and phrases together that make them poop their pants that they think there's no functional difference between the early years of the Iron Curtain (East Germany became a country in 1949) and the Holocaust. They're so committed to the notion that socialism = communism = Hitler = critical race theory = some drag queen reading The Poky Little Puppy to kids at the library that the terms don't even matter.

So maybe that's what's going on here. Maybe for Charlie it isn't a slip of the tongue but rather just that it's all the same to them in their little prolapsed brains, so who cares if they got the details right.

After Charlie Kirk said he felt like he was on a trip to Nazi East Germany or wherever, he said "literally, no exaggeration," because he's literally not exaggerating and neither are we when we say this post is over.

[Media Matters]

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