Charlie Rangel Has No Idea If He Has Reached a Deal On Ethics Violation Charges


How should he know if he admitted the things he said weren't really true?WCBS in New York City reported this afternoon that Rep. Charlie Rangel has cut a deal to avoid going to trial on various charges of ethics violations. So did he? Charlie Rangel doesn't know. “I don’t know. I’ll tell you one thing, until someone tells me that there is, there isn’t," he said. Yes, that is one thing. The House ethics panel's ranking minority member, Rep. Jo Bonner of Alabama, doesn't know if Rangel cut a deal either. Did Charlie Rangel and the ethics panel get black-out drunk together?

Rangel may or may not have admitted that he has terrible ethics and does not want to be put on trial for it. But he and Bonner had the vodka pong table locked down the whole party, so how should they remember? People do craaaaaaaazy things when they are drunk. Like hook up with Charlie Rangel, probably.

Somewhere in the forests of D.C., legend has it, there is a beautiful, shimmering plea deal that Charlie Rangel signed. Sure, nobody is certain it exists. But if the children of the world believe it exists, it does, basically. [The Hill]


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